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What to Look For in Florida's Top Pest Infested Towns

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No Florida town is immune to pest problems, and Sanford Pest Control Florida locations are no exception. With warm temperatures and comfortable conditions, this region is a prime breeding ground for troublesome household pests. However, there are services that can help you avoid becoming one of these towns. Beebe's Pest and Termite Control provides these services and much more. Here's what to look for in Florida's Top Pest Infested Towns.

Bed bugs

The worst time to get rid of bed bugs is in the winter, so it is vital to prevent infestations from spreading by storing mattresses in the attic. However, in some towns, such as Sanford, Florida, bed bugs can be an ongoing issue. Thankfully, the city is equipped to deal with this problem and has some excellent bed bug removal services available to the public. Call Sanford Pest Control Services for help.

A bedbug's primary food source is human blood. While bedbugs can live for months without feeding on human blood, they will feed on people's blood while they sleep. They will leave an itchy raised area on the skin, which may not be accompanied by a rash. While bed bugs themselves are not harmful to humans, if you are allergic to their bites, it may cause a secondary infection or anxiety.


While there are a variety of flea control options available, some people prefer to use chemical treatments rather than foggers. These sprays are more effective than foggers because they can reach areas that foggers cannot. Make sure to use an insecticide with an adulticide and an insect growth regulator. You should wear gloves and cover exposed skin when applying insecticides. Additionally, it is important to only spray in a place where nobody will be.

The most common flea species that infest the towns in Florida are cat fleas. Many of these parasites came to Florida as pets with northerners, including carpetbaggers and former military personnel. But they didn't stop there; they were also brought by the Spanish. Fleas in Florida thrive in the sub-tropical climate. In addition to the cat fleas, dogs are another common source of infestation. If you suspect fleas it is important to reach out to a pest control company for fleas.


In Florida, termites are a very common problem, and cities such as Sanford, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach are commonly cited as the most termite-infested cities. If you're worried that your home might be infested, you can check out our interactive Florida termite map to see the species prevalent in different towns. Termites feed on wood and plant fibers, and one termite can consume as much as a pound of wood daily. Termites can also eat thin cellulose materials, so they are particularly destructive to wooden structures.

Fortunately, there are effective treatments for termites. A professional licensed pest control company can fumigate, tent, or apply an exterminator's fumigant to prevent termite infestations. EPA-certified technicians are fully licensed and experienced in removing termites. Sanford Pest Control Services is a leading pest control company that's been providing professional services for over 20 years. You can trust our technicians to take care of the problem, and they have the right equipment to ensure a safe, effective treatment.


In the midst of summer vacation, it can be easy to forget to check the house for signs of infestation. But Florida is not without its share of pests. Mosquitoes can become a real nuisance. The bites and blood-sucking habits of mosquitoes can be highly disturbing, even if they do not destroy your property. Additionally, their droppings can spread diseases like salmonella.

In a recent report from Imperial Pest Prevention, Sanford ranks as the 15th most rat-infested city in the nation. Tampa, Jacksonville, and Fort Myers are higher on the list. Nationally, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles are the worst cities for rodent infestations, according to the report. This is based on the number of rodent-related calls that Imperial Pest Prevention receives.

Red fire ants

While red fire ants are a common pest in many towns, their presence is not widespread throughout the state. This invasive species nests in moist areas, such as rotten logs and under sidewalks. During heavy rain, red fire ants will move to higher ground to nest, causing extensive damage to sidewalks and landscaping. Red fire ants can spread across the United States in less than one year, so if you suspect an infestation, take action immediately.

To avoid infestation, keep your house free of sugar and other sweets. Sugar is a prime source of food for ants, so you should keep it out of reach. Sealing off your home with a caulking tool is another way to keep sugar out of reach of ants. Store food in air-tight containers. And, as a last resort, use a spray-on your siding to repel ants.


Although silverfish aren't dangerous, their presence can attract more dangerous insects to a home. These little pests can also cause a lot of damage to clothing and other items. They are known to be particularly destructive when they eat things, including paper, fabric, and unopened food packages. Infestations of silverfish in Florida can be devastating, so if you've noticed them in your home, you may need to call a pest control service to get rid of them.

The first step in eliminating silverfish infestations is to know their biology. Silverfish live in areas of high humidity and like to stay hidden from sight. Because they're nocturnal, they tend to become more active during the night. They're also nocturnal, so you won't find them in the daytime unless you see them crawling along the floor near a wall. They're attracted to dark places and warm temperatures and won't bother you unless you turn the lights on or turn on the fans or air conditioners.

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