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Pest Control Services

Hey there, friends! 🌟 Ever found yourself wondering, "What exactly does Sanford Pest Control do?" Grab a comfy seat, and let us give you the buzz! 🐝

🐜 Pest Control For Ants: Got ants marching in like they own the place? Sanford is on it! We ensure these tiny troops are tactfully tackled from your kitchen counters to the garden pathways.

🕷️ Spider Control: While spiders might be superheroes in the movies, in our homes? Not so much. We've mastered the art of sending these eight-legged guests packing.

🐞 Bed Bug Removal: Ah, bed bugs! The invaders of peaceful sleep. With Sanford by your side, you'll be back to sweet dreams in no time.

🐝 Bee Control Solutions: Bees are essential outdoors but can be a bother indoors or in the wrong places. We offer relocation solutions that are safe for these buzzers.

🦂 Scorpion Pest Control: These stingy guests don’t stand a chance. Sanford ensures your spaces are scorpion-free, ensuring safety for your family and pets.

🦟 Mosquito Reduction Program: Mosquitoes be gone! With our treatments, you can enjoy evening barbecues without those pesky bites.

🐭 Rat Control: Rodents rummaging around? Not for long! We ensure these furry invaders scuttle away swiftly.

🌲 Termite Treatments: Wood-chomping termites are no match for Sanford's experts. From detection to elimination, we've got it down to a science.

Tent Fumigation: Got a severe pest problem? Our tent fumigation service ensures a comprehensive solution, sealing off your space and tackling all those hidden critters.

🍃 Lawn Spraying: It's not just indoor pests we're after. Sanford ensures your green spaces remain lush, lovely, and insect-free.

🔍 WDO Inspections: Wondering about wood-destroying organisms in your space? Our detailed inspections give you clarity and peace of mind.

Whew! From top to bottom, indoors and out, Sanford Pest Control is your one-stop solution for all things pest-related. So, if creepy crawlies are cramping your style, give us a shout. With Sanford, a pest-free paradise is just a call away! 📞

Pest Control Technician Treating a Home
Commercial Control

Sanford Pest Control has been servicing commercial businesses for years. When you hire Sanford Pest Control, you will immediately know that your pest problems will be eradicated. Like our residential services, we also will return at no additional charge if you see bugs between normal service visits. We are not only Sanford's go-to pest control provider, but we also service all of Seminole, Volusia, and Flagler counties with the same level of customer service. If your business or commercial property has insect activity, you can count on Sanford Pest Control to help. Contact us today for your pest control service quote at 386-866-9800.

Pest Control Technician Treating a Home
Residential Control

At Sanford Pest Control, we have been providing the most comprehensive pest control solutions with your family's safety as our main concern. We formulate our pest control programs with target-specific best management approaches to ensure the proper pesticides are used during your treatment. We also follow integrated pest management to help minimize the harm to untargeted pests. When you hire Sanford Pest Control, you are confident that your home will be protected, or we will return at no additional charge in between services. Contact Sanford Pest Control today for your commercial pest control service quote


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