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What Do Professional Pest Control Companies Do to Kill Bugs?

bed bugs

When a company calls for assistance to eliminate a bug infestation, they will usually use one or more of four methods. These methods are trapping, killing, removal, or extermination. Let's look at each one in more detail. Trapping is the process of removing an insect from a home or building, while killing is the process of killing a bug. This method is best suited for homes where the bugs are visible and easy to trap.


Trapping can help to eliminate many kinds of crawling insects, such as spiders and cockroaches. Glue-based traps are commonly used in pest control and consist of a sticky glue layer mounted on a cardboard or other material. These traps are folded into a tent structure to protect the sticky surface. Most sticky traps contain no pesticides, but some are impregnated with odors that attract insects. However, sticky traps are not as effective against flying insects or bedbugs.

Traps can either be baited or non-baited. Baits should be placed in places away from children and pets to minimize the risk of accidental exposure to pesticides. Baits are generally designed to trap a single pest, so they should be kept away from any area where small children may be playing. Trapping is another effective method of pest control, but it is not recommended for larger infestations.


In addition to the fact that professional local pest control companies kill bugs, they also treat buildings for a variety of other pest problems. Some pests live in hard-to-reach spaces, such as the attics of homes and restaurants. Professionals use the latest technology and eco-friendly products to control these issues. Some options include residual products, heat and steam, and even green solutions. Aside from providing effective pest control solutions, these companies also offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly services for commercial buildings and food handling facilities.

Using IPM techniques, professional pest control companies will identify and eliminate any potential food and water sources. These can include piles of newspaper or leaky pipes. Furthermore, they will address possible entry points and seal them. To further prevent the presence of pests, these experts will recommend installing drain screens or weatherstripping to seal off cracks and other openings. Pest control companies also use chemical-free methods like glue traps to kill pests.


A professional pest control company is a good choice if you have an infestation of insects or rodents. These creatures carry diseases, irritate allergies, and cause property damage. They have the proper poisons to kill and remove these creatures. Not only can they get rid of bugs from your property, they can help you prevent future infestations, too. The Environmental Protection Agency and individual states regulate pest control companies. Typically, state department of agriculture sets licensing requirements.

While there are many chemical pest control options available, non-chemical methods can also be effective. Heat treatment is one such method. This technique can be accomplished using a clothes dryer set on high heat or black plastic bags placed in the sun. The effectiveness of this technique depends on the climate, but a portable heat chamber can be an effective solution. Professional pest control companies have access to equipment that allows them to apply heat treatment to a much larger area.


The process of killing bugs and other pests in your home starts with prevention. A thorough inspection can identify the problem areas and provide solutions. Pests can enter your home through gaps and cracks in wood or windows, or old weather stripping. Once inside, they can breed and damage your house. They can even carry diseases. Mosquitoes are especially dangerous because they spread disease. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional to take care of the infestation.

A licensed pest exterminator uses pyrethrin or pyrethroids to kill bugs and other pests. These chemicals kill the insects and paralyze them, which will prevent them from attacking your home. Pyrethrin is a chemical found in chrysanthemum flowers. These flowers are known to repel insects. Besides, pyrethroids do not pose any health risks for humans, pets, or plants.


Insecticides and their active ingredients are the most common products that professional pest control companies use to kill bugs. Most of these chemicals are toxic to humans, but every chemical on the legal market must be tested and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. This is because they must be effective against the target pest without posing a health risk to humans. This is why pesticide labels will always state whether they are safe for use on humans, pets, and children.

Insecticides used by professional pest control companies to kill bug infestations come in many different forms. Some are botanical while others are synthetic. They all have the same general mode of action, but the chemicals have slightly different effects. Insecticides such as pyrethrin are effective in killing bed bugs because they kill by disrupting the nerves of the insects.

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