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Professional Pest Control Protection During the COVID-19 Crisis

Do pest control experts provide essential service?

The pest control industry plays an essential role, especially during this COVID-19 crisis. The service of protecting homes, farms, food supply, and businesses from the destructive effect of pest infestation is an essential duty that the world cannot do without during this period. Rodents destroy up to 20% of the food produced worldwide. Some pests can also transmit infectious diseases like hantavirus, West Nile virus, encephalitis, malaria, salmonellosis, etc. Some insects also have painful stings that cause so much pain and can inflict venoms that send hundreds of thousands of people into the emergency ward every year. Furthermore, cockroaches and rodents can also spread diseases and causes asthmatic attack and other allergies in children and adults. If not for the efforts that pest control experts make towards curtailing these pests' activities, the harmful effect of these pests would have skyrocketed so much that it would threaten human existence.

Even as the world battles the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic, the pest control industry continues to play its vital role in protecting humans from the harmful effect of pests. Though most businesses were ordered to shut down their operations during the lockdown, the United States Department of Homeland Security recognized the pest control industry as an essential service provider. Hence, we're allowed to continue working to protect the food supply, businesses, and human lives in this critical time by preventing pest infestation that could lead to the destruction of food and national infrastructure and cause pest-borne diseases.

How does this affect you?

In the United States, over 19,000 pest control companies with a personnel strength of more than 135,000 technicians are working tirelessly to protect the nation's food supply, medical facilities, grocery stores, homes, communities, and businesses pest infestation.

As families are on lockdown to curtail the spread of COVID-19, rodents and other pests now have the rare liberty to roam about in the open, infecting food and water sources. Most of these pests ideally used to live in places where they get lots of junk and trash to feed on, but because the lockdown has stopped human activities in those places and stopped their

Palm Coast Pest Control Technician

access to food, these pests may have to migrate to newer locations where they would get food, water, and shelter.

If proper pest control measures are not put in place, rodents and other pests will soon successfully migrate from their typical nestling place to the locations around your home, where they can quickly get food and water.

A pest infestation can be one of the most frustrating experiences for homeowners. They not only make the home look dirty; they also spread diseases. During this critical time, homeowners may begin to see most pests in and around their homes due to migration of pests to new locations where they're guaranteed to get food and water. These animals quickly adapt to new habitats and are experts at finding convenient hideouts like garages, cardboard boxes, and trash cans.

How to prevent this:

The wonderful news is that the pest control industry is still available to eliminate these pests and safeguard you and your loved ones from the threat they pose. As essential workers, we are working round the clock to preserve the nation's food supply, and protect you and your family from the dangerous health hazards that could result from pest infestation. If you are in need of pest control services, see out Palm Coast Pest Control and we can help.

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