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How to Control Drain Flies Quickly and Easily

Drain Fly

The good news is that there are several methods for controlling drain flies quickly and easily. Some of them are natural and some are chemical. Here are some of them:

Natural methods

In order to get rid of drain flies, you must eliminate the breeding site. Mixing bleach and ammonia together is a bad idea because it can cause a severe health hazard if inhaled. Be sure to always read labels and use proper precautions. To prevent further infestations, you can also try trapping adult drain flies. The following are some natural trapping methods:

A simple trap can detect adult flies - the larvae are so tiny that they are difficult to detect, and can be killed with fly swatters and vinegar traps. Drain flies live 21 to 27 days. They are visible for seven days after they hatch. During that time, drain flies reproduce exponentially and can invade the walls and ceiling of your home. A simple trap for drain flies is a clear plastic cup inverted over the drain for several days. You can also use tape over the drain to find breeding areas.

A vinegar flush is another effective natural drain fly solution. Apple cider vinegar is an acid solution that attracts drain flies naturally. Place the vinegar in a plastic wrap trap in your drain. Leave it there for at least a couple of hours, then flush it with water to get rid of any remaining drain flies. This solution will not scour your drain pipes like the baking soda and vinegar method. Regular application of these methods will keep drain flies at bay and prevent the infestations from occurring again.

Chemical methods

Many people try chemical methods to control drain flies without success. It is important to understand how they live and thrive in water. The key to their survival in water-rich environments is superhydrophobicity. Without hydrophobicity, drain flies would die. This superhydrophobicity is caused by their high chemical contact angle and three-fold hierarchical roughness of their hair covering, which produce an apparent contact angle of nearly 180 degrees.

Luckily, there are several common chemical methods to get rid of drain flies. First, drain cleaners can be used to clear out any gunk that is clogging your pipes. These gels and foams break down organic matter in your sinks and garbage disposals. Drain cleaners can be applied when the drains are not in use to kill them. If you do not want to deal with drain flies, consider getting a professional to do the job for you.


If you have an infestation, drain flies are one of the most annoying pests around. They live in household sink drains and feed on the sludge buildup. To control the problem, try to eliminate breeding places for drain flies, including sewage pipes, open garbage bins, and yard waste. Drain cleaners and traps are useful tools in the battle against these critters, but prevention is best.

Flytraps are convenient and effective, with a glue board and string that can be placed anywhere. They're also useful for catching other types of insects, including house flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. UV lights attract most insects, and drain fly larvae are no exception. For the most effective control, you should install traps in areas that are cool and dry.

Fogging machine

If you're experiencing a problem with drain flies, you might want to learn how to control them quickly with a fogging machine. This type of machine is designed to kill the flies while keeping them from breeding. Drain flies are attracted to stagnant pools of water, which can attract them to your home. Additionally, organic matter can accumulate along your drains, making them an easy breeding ground for these flies.

To get rid of drain flies fast, you can use a fogging machine to apply an aerosol spray. You can set the machine to release a small amount of fogging material into a drain. This product contains the same active ingredient as 565, and it lasts for about a month. Once you set up the fogging machine, you can place it in the active areas of your home and schedule the treatment to release it on a certain schedule.

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